The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead (1981)
The approximate story is the story of a group of four friends who decided to go on vacation to a hut of greedy forest. (Which I think is the most behind the scenes that everyone wants to go on vacation) and when they arrive they organize a drinking meeting as before. Until a friend saw the door open to the basement. And that makes a friend meet with the Book of Dead or the book that is dead. Including according to the plot There was a friend in the group to read black magic to awaken the spirit and demon. However, more than consciousness The devil is already creeping closer to them !!!!

The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)
The story of a medical student who goes into the shoot and learns the life of Aunt Logan who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. In the beginning, everything was fine. But as time passed They began to see something strange in Aunt Logan. And finally They know that What was in Aunt Logan was not just a mental symptom. However, it is The horror that they will never forget !!!
Movie Footage + The Horrors of Aunt Logan Causing this movie to be a ghost movie on the shelf, another issue of mine It was extremely haunting since the performance of aunt who had a very bad mood, alone, good, alone They tend to perform strangely acts, they are extremely horrifying, and have caught up with a lot of hair. And with the footage that adds a lot of realism to the movie, I should definitely look at this point!

Kairo (2001)
No Chi, the young lady was offended by Taguchi’s disappearance. A colleague You decide to meet him at home. And there you come across a heartbreaking story. Taguchi killed himself in front of you. Left the problem to ponder why he did it. Next, something unusual happened with Mai’s co-worker Yabe. Since when I opened the disc that Takuchi left behind Soon, another Yabe died. Like Jungko, another female colleague, Maiji, who has entered the restricted area. Then another horrifying story goes to death.Kawashima, a young student student with no computer knowledge, is satisfied with the online fashion world. He came across a lot of strange things on the internet. And met Harue, a master’s degree student who is excellent in computing And was interested in what Kawashima had faced From then on, the whole city had a strange incident. When the red bar in the restricted area was released, many deaths occurred. And then spread rapidly Also, no Chi and Kawashima. Are involved in what happened No Chi and Kawashima Will you be able to fight that secret power? And not sure? You might be another person who gets hurt.